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about us.
“You’re working with your mom?” 

“You’re working with

your daughter?”

Uh, huh. But if you’re stuck together in a house during quarantine, might as well start a business together, right? 


While we can effectively finish each other's sentences and salad orders, we each bring our own experiences and expertise to this, this, and this. 


A little background? Jenny has a PhD and a private practice where she teaches wellness and mindful living to her patients, specializing in the 20 something crowd. Fun fact: She ran her own vegan bakery for 3 years so she can pretty much frost anything.  


Rachel is a recent Johns Hopkins graduate where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and a recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Richard Macksey Award for her holistic intellectual pursuit of the liberal arts. Fun fact: She was in the regional premiere of a play with John Astin (yes, the dude from The Addams Family)

Our goal? To always create community and connection no matter what is happening in our world. Everyday we are hearing wonderful stories about how our service is helping, how we are fun to work for (we hope so!) and how we are filling the delivery world with much needed humanity. We are so excited to be expanding throughout the Northeast and can't wait to welcome you into our extended family!

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