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Welcome to (this)^3

Hi there,

We have a thing in our family where we believe in the rule of three. You might have heard of this from the Latin omne trium perfectum, roughly translated to “everything that comes in three is perfect.” We agree.

Although we can’t quite place when this first became a family saying, one of our favorite platitudes is “Everything happens in threes.”

Three good things, three bad, three whatever. It’s always three.

You get a job, win the family game of monopoly, and receive an unexpected call from a forgotten friend: Three.

You break up with your boyfriend, sprain your ankle, and it rains: Three.

For us here at this, this, and this, we find satisfaction, humor, and joy in this magic number.

While this whole “rule of three” can be frustrating, it comes with some relief: 3 cookies is always the proper number. Never one. So, live a little.

And so, this is a platform filled with recommendations in threes-- from us and our fabulous GGs.

Get ready to hear everything about our top three favorite hiking trails and places of solitude, to our three most cherished home spa products, and the three yummiest BBQ takeouts (that offer curbside pickup).

Every week another three.

We can’t wait (x3) to begin.

-Rach & Jenny

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